About Us

Infinity Crane & Engineering Sdn Bhd (1094938-P), a renowned specialist in heavy lifting equipment in Malaysia, has established a sterling reputation in the industry with rental services of a complete and comprehensive range of heavy lifting equipment as well as the projects it has proudly participated in.

We have a wide range of cranes to meet the diverse requirements of the heavy lifting machinery market. Coupled with a range of complementary professional services and our emphasis on customer service, we have accumulated a respectable customer base and won an unparalleled reputation in the market to become the leading one-stop crane leasing company in the country.

We are a reliable and professional crane leasing company, and we are confident that we can fully meet your requirements with our team of skilled operators.


To provide our customers with the best professional services, build brand reputation in the Malaysian heavy lifting equipment industry, and become the national leader of crane rental with professional experience, management expertise and by keeping abreast with the latest innovative development in the heavy lifting industry.


Through our innate strength, we want to maintain a good cooperative relationship with our customers and strive to provide, with our heavy lifting equipment and superior services, maximal engineering benefits to all projects.

Business Overview

The founders of Infinity Crane & Engineering Sdn Bhd (ICESB) have been actively involved in the industry since the early 1980s. They founded their own crane company in 1991, and subsequently established Infinity Crane & Engineering Sdn Bhd in 2014. In 2018, Lim Seong Hai Holdings Sdn Bhd emerged as a major shareholder of ICESB, with it’s financial strength, market reach and commercial expertise of the Lim Seong Hai Group, ICESB is well positioned to aggressively expand its business and achieve exponential growth.

ICESB has nearly 40 years of solid track record in the field of heavy lifting equipment rental in Malaysia, we have accumulated a wealth of practical expertise and experience over the years, valuable market resources and engineering experience that enables us to provide reliable services you can trust, to make your project a success.

As a well-known crane rental company, we have a large fleet of heavy lifting equipment and are well-staffed with a sizeable number of qualified crane operators approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Occupational Safety and Health (Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan, or JKKP in

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