Exclusive Services

At present, our business has spread to every part of the country, with core services including leasing of all types of cranes, beam launching services, hoisting equipment and hauling solutions for the construction, energy and petrochemical industries.

Appended below is a list of our core services:

  • Machinery and equipment rental and supply
  • Equipment mobilization and dismantlement
  • Beam launching
  • Haulage loading and unloading
  • Heavy lifting specialist
  • Oil and gas haulage
  • Shipyard revampment
  • Heavy load transportation
  • Construction
  • Third-party spreader beam load test
  • Spreader beam for rent

In terms of heavy lifting machinery rental, the company has invested heavily in the procurement of a comprehensive range of heavy lifting and hoisting equipment required in the market, e.g. beam erectors, mobile cranes, crawler cranes and related equipment to fully meet all our customers’ heavy lifting demands

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Professional Service

In terms of heavy lifting equipment rental, we always take 3 extremely critical measures before every project commencement. These essential measures are taken to ensure seamless work progress and maximal personnel safety

  1. Before any crane work, we send an expert to the construction site to ensure a comprehensive risk assessment is conducted for the project, based on professional expertise and rich experience, to ensure safe operation of our heavy lifting equipment throughout the construction period.
  2. Prior to the rental of heavy lifting equipment, a third party agency--Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan, or JKKP--is commissioned to carry out professional inspections to ensure that the heavy lifting equipment and accessories as well as the hoisting machinery meet the required specifications and standards. Meanwhile, PMA CF (Sijil Perakuan Kelayakan Mesin Angkat) is accredited to support the safety requirements of all the necessary equipment
  3. We dispatch only professional crane operators with the necessary professional qualifications. They are registeredwith the JKKP, with a crane operation registration license from CIDB.